About us



Shenzhen Hongcai Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, with an excellent technical and production management team, we have been developing and innovating the application of  LCD Display, and can provide products such as touch screen and various LCD modules, which are favored by many companies with high quality and high reputation, and are the LCD screen suppliers of well-known companies.
Hongcai is ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 certified and we have over 12 years of experience in providing joint OEM / ODM and custom LCD display development services for our customers’ R&D. We have fully automatic production COG,FOG equipment and stable quality control system to reduce production cost, meet customer’s quality requirements and provide the best solution and service.

Our Advantages

  • Manufacturing capacity

    Has 3 fully automatic COG+FOG+BL production equipment to ensure product production accuracy. The comprehensive monthly production capacity is 1KK, mainly producing small and medium-sized TFT LCD liquid crystal display modules.

  • Quality capability

    The three core quality control capabilities of incoming material quality control, process quality control, and finished product quality control are established according to standards and customer standards.

  • Service capabilities

    The company strictly follows the corporate tenet of customer first and quality first, and would like to promise to our customers: During the one-year warranty period, all products that meet the warranty conditions will be repaired free of charge.

  • Technical skills

    The company has always insisted on technological innovation, continuous process stability, development and customization of various high-quality TFT LCD liquid crystal displays, and maximized value creation for customers.

Reliability equipment

  • Brightness inspection equipment

    Brightness inspection equipment

    The imported CA-310 display color analyzer is more accurate and faster when measuring the TFT LCD display with LED backlight. X Y values can be read, and the number of brightness can be displayed directly.

  • Constant temperature and humidity equipment

    Constant temperature and humidity equipment

    High temperature storage 80±3℃, 48H; low temperature storage -30±3℃, 48H; high temperature operation 70±3℃, 48H; low temperature operation -20±3℃, 48H; high temperature and humidity 60℃±3℃, 90%± 3%RH, 48H

  • Salt spray test equipment

    Salt spray test equipment

    The salt spray test equipment can evaluate the salt spray corrosion ability of the protective layer of the TFT LCD liquid crystal display screen, and the process quality comparison of similar protective layers, and can also evaluate the ability of the display product to resist salt spray corrosion.

  • Aging test equipment

    Aging test equipment

    The aging test box adopts the foreign advanced heating airflow method, and the aging adaptability test of the aging material of TFT LCD display screen under high temperature. Ensure product quality and improve customer product yield.