Features of TFT LCD liquid crystal display

Features of TFT LCD liquid crystal display

What are the features of TFT LCD?
The main features are: large area, high integration, powerful, low cost. Process flexibility, wide range of applications and other characteristics.
Here we will introduce in detail the various characteristics of TFT LCD liquid crystal screens.

(1) large area: in the early nineties the first generation of large-area glass substrate (300mmx 400mm) TFT-LCD production line into production, to the first half of 2000 the area of the glass substrate has been expanded to 680mmx 880mm), the recent 950mmx 1200mm glass substrate will also be put into operation.

(2) high integration: 1.3-inch TFT LCD chip for LCD projection resolution of XGA contains a million pixels. Resolution of SXGA (1280x 1024) of 16.1-inch TFT array non-crystalline silicon film thickness of only 50nm, as well as TABONGLASS and SYSTEMONGLASS technology, its IC integration, the requirements of equipment and supply technology, technical difficulties are more than the traditional LSI.

(3) Powerful: TFT LCD was first used as a matrix addressing circuit to improve the light valve characteristics of liquid crystals. For high-resolution displays, precise control of the object element is achieved through voltage regulation in the range of 0-6V (its typical value of 0.2 to 4V), thus making it possible for LCDs to achieve high-quality, high-resolution displays.

(4) Low cost: TFT glass substrates and plastic substrates fundamentally solve the cost problem of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuits, opening up a wide application space for large-scale semiconductor integrated circuits.

(5) process flexibility: in addition to the use of sputtering, CVD (chemical vapor deposition) MCVD (molecular chemical vapor deposition and other traditional processes into the film, laser annealing technology has also begun to apply, not only to produce amorphous film, multi-product film, but also to create a single product film. Not only silicon films, but also other I-VI and IV-V semiconductor films can be produced.

(6) A wide range of applications, TFT technology-based liquid crystal flat panel display is the pillar of the information society, but also technology can be applied to the rapid growth of thin-film transistor organic electroluminescent (TFT-LCD) flat panel display is also growing rapidly.

Date:2021-4-28 Author:Ewv LCD

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