Hongcai quality after-sales commitment

Hongcai quality after-sales commitment

First, the three-package service commitment period of our products is effective from the date of purchase, the date of the official delivery record date shall prevail, and the voucher of your acceptance of the service is a valid three-package voucher.

Second, the product’s three package service period: 12 months warranty, customer responsibility to charge labor maintenance fees. Service period is subject to change without notice, subject to the contents of the purchased product voucher.

Third, the purchased products in the normal use and maintenance of the three warranty service period, due to the failure of the machine components, the factory testing to determine, you can enjoy free service.

(A) Pre-sales support
Product selection: fully understand the needs of customers and the use of the environment to help customers choose the most suitable matching program.
Data provision: according to different product types to provide customers with the corresponding technical information (such as: product manuals, instruction manuals, etc.).

Product testing: before shipment, quality testing of shipped products to ensure that shipped products meet testing standards.
Customization service: according to customer needs, customize the form factor, FPC form factor, and recommend the best cost-effective LCD display driver solution for terminal device display and CTP touch control.

(II) After-sales service

All products purchased by our company, the warranty period is one year, and the warranty time is calculated from the date of purchase and shipment. We will ensure that all products sold meet the quality testing requirements.

If you have a bad failure of this product in the production process, we will be happy to provide you with the following services.

  1. Due to product quality problems resulting in abnormal work, our company will provide free repair services, if necessary, can be replaced with new products.
  2. Due to improper production of customers ( for example: static electricity, welding, over-current, over-voltage operation with electricity) and other reasons resulting in the product does not work properly, our company will try to repair; will charge the corresponding labor repair costs or replacement materials, as appropriate.
  3. The LCD screen can not work normally due to the LCD LCD broken, the LCD screen can only be scrapped in general.
  4. The maintenance period is generally 15 working days.

If the product purchased from ICP DAS needs to be repaired, please describe the failure of the product in detail, so that our after-sales personnel can judge the cause of the failure and provide you with faster repair service.

(C) Transportation damage treatment

To ensure that you receive the goods intact, we will send SF Express as well as across the logistics, when receiving the goods, please open the box with the logistics party face to face acceptance, confirm that the product is not transport damage and missing after signing.

If there is any transport damage, please do not sign the receipt, keep the goods, goods packaging materials and accessories intact, and contact us immediately.

●Tips: factory working days in accordance with national holidays, working hours 8:30-17:30, holidays, if you have any questions, please contact sales or send e-mail.

Date:2010-4-28 Author:Ewv LCD

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