How to test the TFT LCD screen?

How to test the TFT LCD screen?

With the cheap price of TFT LCD, TFT applications are becoming more and more popular. How to test the smart screen of TFT? On the one hand, I want to know how to test TFT LCD manufacturers well. On the other hand, standard end device manufacturers also need to re-test after receiving the goods. So let Hongcai tell you how to test TFT LCD screen?

  1. Visual inspection

It is to test the outer surface with both eyes in the middle. It is only necessary to test whether the appearance is good and whether there are problems such as dirt, lint and dust. In addition, it is also necessary to test whether the surface of TFT LCD is scratched, whether it is easy to tear, whether the protective film on the surface is in accordance with the position, whether the production date, model number, specifications have the required silkscreen, which can be tested according to the estimation method.

2.Electrical performance test

Electrical performance testing refers to the test after inserting the TFT LCD screen with a computer motherboard or display test box. The key is to show whether the actual effect is excellent, whether there is a flash point, whether there are abnormalities, tonal symmetry, residual shadows, missing lines and other issues. Electrical performance testing is a very core part of the TFT LCD test, the general professional quality can quickly detect the problem.

  1. Experimental testing

TET LCD detection b important part of the detection. Before shipment, the general professional TFT LCD manufacturers will be constant temperature and humidity equipment, 72 hours plug-in aging and other reliability tests to ensure the stability and stability of the equipment, delivered to customers after passing the test inspection.

The above three methods are commonly used TFT LCD test standards, intelligent terminal manufacturing customers can also be received in TFT LCD screen for this series of tests.

Date:2022-12-8 Author:Ewv LCD

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