• How to test the TFT LCD screen?

    How to test the TFT LCD screen? With the cheap price of TFT LCD, TFT applications are becoming more and more popular. How to test the smart screen of TFT? On the one hand, I want to know how to test TFT LCD manufacturers well. On the other hand, standard end device manufacturers also need […]

  • HONGCAI TFT Display Quality Control

    Looking for high quality tft LCD display screens? Look no further than Shenzhen Hongcai Technology Co., Ltd. Our company has an excellent team of technical and managerial experts who are constantly innovating and developing new applications for tft LCD displays. We can provide a variety of tft LCD monitors and touch screen displays that are […]

  • MCU interface support 480*800 display

    MCU interface standard name is I80, mainly for the field of microcontrollers in use.The standard term for MCU-LCD interface is the 8080 bus standard proposed by Intel.MCU interface can be mainly divided into 8080 mode and 6800 mode, the main difference between the two is the timing: data bit transfer 8-bit, 9-bit, 16-bit, 18-bit, 24-bit; […]

  • Comparison of resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen

    Capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen are mainly in touch sensitivity, accuracy, cost, multi-touch and single-touch, damage resistance, cleanliness, sunlight visual effect these aspects of the difference. Touch sensitivity1, RTP: need to use pressure to make contact with the various layers of the screen, you can use your fingers (with gloves), nails, stylus, etc. […]

  • tft lcd display screen

    TFT LCD LCD interface type comparison

    At present, there are several mainstream TFT LCD interface methods: MCU interface, RGB interface, SPI interface, MIPI interface, QSPI interface, LVDS interface. The MCU interface, RGB interface and SPI interface are the most used ones, with the following main differences. MCU interface: will decode the command, generated by timing generator timing signal, drive COM and […]

  • TFT structure design

    Structure design of TFT LCD liquid crystal display module

    The role of TFT LCD LCD module structure is to provide display light source, fix the TFT LCD and connect the motherboard interface to avoid direct contact between the circuit substrate and the edge of the LCD and external objects.The basis of TFT LCD LCD module design is structure design. In the following, we briefly […]

  • Interface types of LCD panels?

    LCD interface types are very rich, the most commonly used interfaces are mainly RGB, MCU, LVDS, MIPI interface. Today, we briefly introduce the structure principle of these LCD interfaces. 1、RGB interface The RGB interface of LCD is a colorful combination of three color channels: red (R), green (G), and blue (B), and the RGB represents […]

  • TFT LCD display Overview-Serial

    Serial Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)SPI is a master-slave architecture, usually with one Master (master device) and one or more Slave (slave device). There are four pins on the interface, and the docking method and hardware structure are as follows. Pin name and meaning description MOSI (Master Output, Slave Input): Master device data output, slave device […]

  • TFT LCD display Overview-Parallel

    TFT LCD Display Interface HONGCAI So engineers may ask, which one is the best? Which one is the most suitable? Which one is the most cost effective? Or which one can meet the product requirements? hongcai FAE engineers have collected different types of information to discuss the topic of data transmission for LCD display interface. […]

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    Definition and characteristics of TFT LCD serial display

    Serial port LCD display is controlled by high-speed digital chip, standardized instruction set for programming, and can be embedded with multiple Chinese and foreign text libraries of any font and size according to customer requirements. Send data through the (serial) port. Various fonts and colors of Chinese and Western text and picture files etc. can […]


    Touch screen components and applications

    A basic touch screen is a touch sensor, a controller and a software driver as the three main components. The touch screen needs to be combined with a monitor and a personal computer to form a touch screen system. Touch SensorThe sensor usually has a current or signal passing through it, and touching the screen […]

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    Features of TFT LCD liquid crystal display

    What are the features of TFT LCD?The main features are: large area, high integration, powerful, low cost. Process flexibility, wide range of applications and other characteristics.Here we will introduce in detail the various characteristics of TFT LCD liquid crystal screens. (1) large area: in the early nineties the first generation of large-area glass substrate (300mmx […]