• General manager
    • Management
      • Vice president of marketing
        • internal sales
          • Overseas Sales
      • Factory director
        • R & D Department
          • Structure Team
            • Electronic Team
              • Proeject Team
        • Production Department
          • Front line
            • End line
        • Quality Department
          • IQC
            • IPQC
              • OQC
                • Aging test lab
        • Engineering Department
          • equipment Team
            • Process team
              • NPI Team
        • Warehouse Department
          • Raw material
            • Finished goods Warehouse
      • Finance
        • Account
          • cashier
            • Administration
              • H R

General Manager Responsibilities

1、Manage the company’s daily business activities, sign administrative documents, business documents, approve company contracts and contracts, etc., and deal with major emergencies of the company.

2、Carry out external cooperation in the name of the company within the scope of responsibility, participate in various industry-related meetings and activities, etc.

3、Hiring and selecting the company’s middle management, building the company’s excellent staff team and promoting the company’s development.

4、Determine the strategic objectives of the company’s future long-term development together with the decision-making team, and formulate the company’s annual operation plan.

5、Organize the preparation of the company’s financial budget and investment program, and promote the normal implementation of project programs to facilitate the achievement of the company’s profitability goals.

6、Protect the rights and interests of the company’s employees and shareholders in accordance with the law, maintain good relations with external cooperation, establish corporate culture and build the company’s image.

Quality Department Responsibilities

1、Build the company’s quality system, implement the company’s quality policy, quality objectives, improve the company’s quality management, develop and implement various quality management systems, implement and promote a variety of quality management activities.

2、Responsible for the development, management and implementation of quality procedures to provide viable solutions to improve product quality; reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.

3、Responsible for the external quality issues: preside over the weekly quality meeting, including incoming materials, processes, finished products, as well as internal and external quality issues complaints handling.

4、Investigate and analyze all kinds of product quality accidents, find out the cause of the accident or complaint, corrective and preventive measures for the existing quality problems system and organize the implementation.