0.96 inch oled

0.96 inch oled

0.96 inch oled

►Resolution : 128×64 dots
►View Direction: IPS
►Interface: 8-bit 68XX/80XX Parallel, 3-/4-wire SPI, I2C
►Driver IC: SSD1306
►Brightness(cd/m²): 260
►Outline Dimension: 26.70* 19.26 * 1.4(mm)

0.96 inch oled. we are providing 0.96 inch oled screen all over world.

 0.96 inch oled display has high contrast, wide viewing angle, fast response time and lication flexibility.

0.96 inch oled screen is made of organic materials that emit light when an electric field is applied, making them extremely thin, power efficient and flexible.

0.96 inch oled display is used in a variety of electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, personal computers and more.

 0.96 inch oled screens are becoming increasingly popular due to their many advantages over traditional LCD displays. If you want 0.96 inch led display, kindly contact us for best rates all over the world


General Specifications

LCM Dimension26.70(W)*10.26(H) * 1.4(T)mm
LCD Active Area21.744 * 10.864mm
Number Of Dots128×64pixel
Viewing DirectionIPS
Driver ICSSD1306
Interface TypeMCU
Operating Temperature-40℃~ 85℃
Storage Temperature-40℃~ 85℃
Backlight Type3 LEDs


LCM PIN Definition

1N.C. (GND)Reserved Pin (Supporting Pin)
2C2PPositive Terminal of the Flying Inverting
 Capacitor Negative Terminal of the Flying Boost Capacitor
3C2NPositive Terminal of the Flying Inverting
 Capacitor Negative Terminal of the Flying Boost Capacitor
4C1PPositive Terminal of the Flying Inverting 
Capacitor Negative Terminal of the Flying Boost Capacitor
5C1NPositive Terminal of the Flying Inverting 
Capacitor Negative Terminal of the Flying Boost Capacitor
6VBATPower Supply for DC/DC Converter Circuit
7N.C.Reserved Pin
8VSSGround of Logic Circuit
9VDDPower Supply for Logic
10BS0Communicating Protocol Select
11BS1Communicating Protocol Select
12BS2Communicating Protocol Select
13CS#Chip Select
14RES#Power Reset for Controller and Driver
15D/C#Data/Command Control
16R/W#Read/Write Select or Write
17E/RD#Read/Write Enable or Read
18D0Host Data Input/Output Bus
19D1Host Data Input/Output Bus
20D2Host Data Input/Output Bus
21D3Host Data Input/Output Bus
22D4Host Data Input/Output Bus
23D5Host Data Input/Output Bus
24D6Host Data Input/Output Bus
25D7Host Data Input/Output Bus
26IREFCurrent Reference for Brightness Adjustment
27VCOMHVoltage Output High Level for COM Signal
28VCCPower Supply for OEL Panel
29VLSSGround of Analog Circuit
30N.C. (GND)Reserved Pin (Supporting Pin)

DC Characteristics

Brightness(VCC Supplied Externally)LbrNote 5100cd/m2
Brightness(VCCGeneratedbyInternalDC/DC)LbrNote 680100cd/m2
C.I.E. (Blue)(x)C.I.E. 19310.120.160.20 
(y)C.I.E. 19310.220.260.30
Dark Room ContrastCR 2000:1 
Viewing Angle  Freedegree

Typical Operation Conditions

Supply Voltage for LogicVDD 1.652.83.3V
Supply Voltage for Display
(Supplied Externally)
VCCNote 5 (Internal DC/DC Disable)
Supply Voltage for DC/DCVBATInternalDC/DCEnable3.54.2V
Supply Voltage for Display
VCCNote 6(InternalDC/DCEnable)7.07.5V
High Level InputVIHIOUT = 100μA, 3.3MHz0.8´VDDVDDV
Low Level InputVILIOUT = 100μA, 3.3MHz00.2´VDDV
High Level OutputVOHIOUT = 100μA, 3.3MHz0.9´VDDVDDV
Low Level OutputVOLIOUT = 100μA, 3.3MHz00.1´VDDV
Operating Current for VDDIDD 180300μA
 Operating Current for VCC
(VCC Supplied Externally)
 ICC Note 7  9 15 mA
Operating Current for VBAT
 IBAT Note 8  25.6 32 mA
Sleep Mode Current for VDDIDD, SLEEP 15μA
Sleep Mode Current for VCCICC, SLEEP 210μA

AC Characteristics

tcycleClock Cycle Time300ns
tASAddress Setup Time5ns
tAHAddress Hold Time0ns
tDSWWrite Data Setup Time40ns
tDHWWrite Data Hold Time7ns
tDHRRead Data Hold Time20ns
tOHOutput Disable Time70ns
tACCAccess Time140ns
 PWCSLChip Select Low Pulse Width (Read)120 – ns
 Chip Select Low Pulse width (Write)60  
 PWCSHChip Select High Pulse Width (Read)60 – ns
 Chip Select High Pulse Width (Write)60  
tRRise Time40ns
tFFall Time40ns


Supply Voltage for LogicVDD-0.34V1, 2
Supply Voltage for DisplayVCC016V1, 2
Supply Voltage for DC/DCVBAT-0.35V1, 2
Operating TemperatureTOP-4085°C 
Storage TemperatureTSTG-4085°C3
Life Time (120 cd/m2) 10,000hour4
Life Time (80 cd/m2) 30,000hour4
Life Time (60 cd/m2) 50,000hour4


Contents of Reliability Tests




High Temperature Operation

70°C, 240 hrs




The operational functions work.

Low Temperature Operation

-40°C, 240 hrs

High Temperature Storage

85°C, 240 hrs

Low Temperature Storage

-40°C, 240 hrs

High Temperature/Humidity Operation

60°C, 90% RH, 120 hrs

Thermal Shock

-40°C Û 85°C, 24 cycles

60 mins dwell

  • The samples used for the above tests do not include
  • No moisture condensation is observed during



Customer’s test & measurement are required to be conducted under the following conditions: Temperature: 23 ± 5°C

Humidity: 55 ± 15% RH

Fluorescent Lamp: 30W

Distance between the Panel & Lamp: ≥ 50cm Distance between the Panel & Eyes of the Inspector: ≥ 30cm Finger glove (or finger cover) must be worn by the inspector. Inspection table or jig must be anti-electrostatic.

Cosmetic Check (Display Off) in Active Area

It is recommended to execute in clear room environment (class 10k) if actual in necessary.

Check Item



Any Dirt & Scratch on Polarizer’s Protective Film


Ignore for not Affect the Polarizer

W ≤ 0.1 Ignore

Scratches, Fiber, Line-Shape Defect (On Polarizer)


W > 0.1

L ≤ 2 n ≤ 1

L > 2 n = 0

Dirt, Black Spot, Foreign Material, (On Polarizer)


Φ ≤ 0.1 Ignore

0.1 < Φ ≤ 0.25 n ≤ 1

0.25 < Φ n = 0

Dent, Bubbles, White spot (Any Transparent Spot on Polarizer)


Φ ≤ 0.5

è Ignore if no Influence on Display

0.5 < Φ n = 0

Fingerprint, Flow Mark (On Polarizer)


Not Allowable

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